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Smart Traffic Light System

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The major components of a smart traffic light system consist of the following :

An intelligent traffic management system detects traffic violations, captures the number plate of the vehicles, and automatically creates penalty tickets for the violation with pictures as proof of the violations. The system can bring traffic discipline, increase average traffic speed, reduce pollution, and improve pedestrian safety and overall citizen security. 

  • Video cameras at the traffic junction with ANPR capability as backend software for number plate recognition.
  • Environmental sensors at point of interest.
  • Mobile application for citizen’s feedback (crowd sourcing).
  • LED displays to communicate to road users.
  • Client PCs, monitors, and system management applications.
  • Traffic light integration modules at traffic junctions to get the traffic signal state (RED/YELLOW/GREEN).
  • SIMs and IP switches.
  • IR illuminators.
  • Server, storage, database, video analytics, and data analytics software.
  • Integration to RTO database for number plate details.





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