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The emergence of new technologies, such as LED bulbs, has helped pave the way for street lighting revolution. LED bulbs assure a better lighting quality combined with low carbon emissions and lower costs, since they are more energy efficient and have a longer product life.

Thanks to remote monitoring and lighting, street lighting has become smart.

PCP believes that smart lighting is a well-adapted lighting that allows a more comfortable and secure urban environment.

Smart lighting by PCP:

  • Replace obsolete lights with LED lights since they are more energy-efficient, stronger, more flexible, and have a longer life.
  • Pilot public lighting (on the scale of a city) via the PCP sense remote management software: on / off, brightness adjustment, event programming, real-time alerts.
  • Equip street lamps with sensor systems such as dusk to dawn sensors, environmental sensors, traffic sensors and also cameras
  • Integrate new connected services with ease, thanks to the electricity grid.


  • Lighting represents more than 40% of the city electricity bill.
  • Using new lighting technologies allows up to 90% of energy savings.
  • LED lights have a life of up to 50,000 hours i.e 12 times more than conventional lights.

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