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PCP is working with tried & tested technologies to design the most robust LED lights keeping in mind the deficient infrastructure conditions prevalent in most of the municipalities in India.

These lights are capable of handling voltage fluctuations, and can withstand sustained operation at a high voltage level upto 380V as well as double phasing. The drivers used in these lights are dimmable, which means that a simple voltage drop in the line will dim the lights and reduce the number of unitsconsumed. Patent has been applied for this technology.

The major components of a smart traffic light system consist of the following :

  • Model most suitable for street lights in urban local bodies
  • Extremely reliable .
  • Continuous operation even at system voltage of 380 V.
  • Inherent capability of driver to sustain surge of 20 KV.
  • Operates reliably even if the earthing is poor.
  • Operates reliably even under swinging neutral condition
  • LEDs operated at nominal current specified by manufacturer
  • IR illuminators.
  • Current regulation as per IS 16104 clause 7.2.
  • Uses high efficacy LED of greater than 160 lm/W of Osram and lenses of premium quality like Ledil.

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