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The smart pole combines the capabilities of telecom connectivity and LED lighting in a ''lighting-as a-service'' model. It allows city authorities to offer space within their (connected) street-lighting poles to network service providers for telecom infrastructure. Owing to their “omni-presence”, street-lighting poles also enable a role in city surveillance. For the same reason, some other functionalities, features, or equipment can also be added which directly or indirectly utilize the main capability of telecom connectivity, such as environment monitoring.

PCP's intelligent street pole concept covers the following.

Smart LED lighting

PCP's smart LED lighting offers energy saving of 60 % - 65% The lighting is anti-glare and the Lighting Operations Management software is capable of sending commands to the smart street lighting system based on the data analytics to increase or decrease the luminosity as per the daylight and weather conditions, volume of population, traffic, and more.

Wi-Fi hotspot services

OFC (Optical fiber cable) backbone with 2Gbps or more bandwidth can be provided. Customers would be able to get a minimum speed of 2 Mbps on their devices.

Environmental sensors

Air quality sensors fitted on the smart pole are designed to provide real time data to the Central Command and Control Center (CCCC) for analysis and reporting.

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