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PCP has secured energy saving performance contracting (ESPC) business of replacing conventional street lights with LED light systems for the city of Jalandhar. This initiative will change the face of Jalandhar and take the city out of the clutches of darkness.

  • 10 years of contract.
  • 65,000 street lights to be replaced.
  • 62% guaranteed energy saving.
  • Additional savings with dimming.
  • Ownership for operation and maintenance of LED street lights for a decade.

The contract will offer fruitful results for the following reasons:

  • PCP handles operation and maintenance of street lights for 10 years. It means no expenses will be borne by the Government or local body.
  • There will be energy saving of 62%, however the option of dimming adds to the energy savings. A greener option to light the streets of Jalandhar is in place.
  • Electricity costs are expected to increase with time. Installation of LED street light systems allows the Government or local body to enjoy increased savings.
  • After the contract period, the Government or local body will get all the benefits of energy savings.

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